Executive Director Job Description for Posey County Economic Development Partnership

JOB DESCRIPTION- Executive Director

Position Summary: This position is accountable for all aspects of the development of new business and talent opportunities in Posey County along with the retention, support and maintenance of existing industry sectors.  In addition, the position is responsible for developing strategies to create a sense of place so as to retain and attract residents.

Reporting Relationship: This position reports to the Board of Directors or, as the board so delegates, to the Executive Committee.

Nature and Scope: The incumbent is expected to develop business growth opportunities in Posey County.  The primary objective is to attract new residents to Posey County through attracting new business, expansion of existing business and helping communities improve their quality of place.

Work closely with the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana, the Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce and the Ports of Indiana as well as with local and state governmental officials to ensure achieving pre-determined goals and objectives.

Implement a professional business call program on key business sector prospects through promotional activities using leads developed by various methods.

Establish and maintain a rapport with existing business to determine their needs, identify problems along with opportunities.  Maintain a profile of existing businesses which identifies key suppliers and vendors leading to development of opportunities for support industries to locate in the area.

Promote existing or develop new locations for business opportunities.  Specifically, serve as an ex officio liaison to the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana board of directors; and, advance strategies to assist Posey County communities in developing strong qualities of place in order to retain and attract residents.

Major Responsibilities: Assure attainment of growth in Posey County by developing and implementing an aggressive marketing strategy.

Promote a favorable image of Posey County and the Southwest region of the State of Indiana.

Maintain good relations with management of existing business through a proactive call program.

Coordinate all board meetings, board committee meetings and provide appropriate information for decision making.

Execute elements of the strategic plan as adopted by the board of directors.  Offer guidance on the present plan’s action items and input on timing for updating the plan.

Assure compliance with all policies as adopted by the board of directors.

Assure the smooth operations of the PCEDP office, supervise staff and conduct performance evaluations, manage finances and records; and, interact as needed with the outside accounting firm retained by the board of directors.

Prepare an annual budget for review and adoption by the board of directors.

Engage in state economic development activities and educational opportunities; remain well informed on economic development matters and trends as well as national economic trends in order to be effective in fulfilling job responsibilities.

Develop and maintain performance metrics to gauge relative success of development and retention activities; develop and maintain statistical measures which would be informative to various business sectors.

Develop and maintain open and strategic relations with local and state governmental agencies, utilities, developers, commercial builders and area business leaders so as to serve as a resource for prospects and existing industry.

Work in conjunction with various partners including the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana to develop and maintain effective marketing materials which inform and present in the best light the resources and advantages of Posey County and the Southwest region; determine effective methods of distribution of such materials to assure proactive exposure to business opportunities.

Educational and Professional Requirements

Candidate should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or a related field. A Certified Economic Developer accreditation is a plus.

Please submit resume by email to wmhnewman@aol.com, or by mail to Posey County Economic Development Partnership c/o Personnel Committee, PO Box 643, Mt. Vernon, IN 47620 by November 19, 2016.