PCEDP Partners with SABIC Young Professionals

In 2014, the Posey County Economic Development Partnership, Inc (PCEDP). supported by the Posey County Community Foundation approached USI’s Center for Applied Research and Economic Development (CARED), to assist in conducting a study to determine the main factors that influence the decision to work and/or live in Posey County.

The need arose from the concern with current trends that Posey County will decrease in population by 6,000 before the year 2040.

Upon completion of the study, there were a lack of responses from the age category of 25-44. The PCEDP has partnered with SABIC Young Professionals, surveying the group and then conducting a focus group to have a candid discussion about the perception of Posey County. 

The goal of this initiative is to obtain an understanding of the key factors to attract and retain young individuals and families to live and work in Posey County. The PCEDP will be using the information collected to create a marketing and advertising strategy.

Thank you to Shelia Naab, Kathleen Sledge and SABIC Young Professionals!!

Posey County Perception Study – Click Here!