Existing Businesses

Existing Businesses

A pro-business climate in Posey County and the surrounding area is what helps business grow and stay successful.  We have the tools you need to become more successful here.

Posey County understands business. We know that your company has unique needs, and we are specifically qualified to help you find the assistance you need to expand and grow your business. Our services are free and confidential, and our coordinated approach to development will save you time and effort. We can connect you with the right people; we’ve built relationships with business and government to help clear the red tape of moving your business forward in Posey County.

Need a little more help? We maintain a database with thematic mapping and layering, which means we can access the data you need to make important decisions about your company’s growth. We’ve already helped businesses throughout Posey County, and we’ll be here when you’re ready to make the move.


  • Industrial sites and buildings database
  • Demographic data
  • Regional and County workforce data
  • County workforce data reports
  • Incentives and assistance programs

Many well-known businesses already call Posey County home; you can trust us to take good care of your business, too.

Company Product/Service Employees
TPG Marine Logistics and cargo movement 205
Ports of Indiana Mt. Vernon Port facility 4
Consolidated Grain and Barge Grain transportation services 60
BWX Technologies Naval nuclear reactor manufacturer 140
SABIC Engineering thermoplastics 1,200
Russell’s Excavating Industrial & Environmental, Material Handling, Hauling & Site construction 20
Midwest Fertilizer Corporation Nitrogen fertilizer producer TBA
AstraZeneca (formerly Bristol-Myers Squibb) Pharmaceutical manufacturing; research and development 657
CountryMark Oil exploration, production, refining and marketing 520
Valero Energy Ethanol producer 67