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State Grants & Credits

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    Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit

    A company must have a worldwide annual revenue of at least $100 million to qualify.

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    Industrial Recovery Tax Credit

    Provides companies incentives to invest in facilities requiring significant rehabilitation or remodeling expense. The tax credit is calculated as a percentage of qualified rehabilitation expense.

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    Venture Capital Investment Tax Credit

    Established to improve access to capital to fast growing Indiana companies by providing individual and corporate investors an additional incentive to invest in early state firms.

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    Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit (HBITC)

    Provides a credit against a company’s Indiana tax liability.

State Loan Programs

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    Tax-exempt Bonds

    Issued by state or local governmental entities for the benefit of a private company, usually manufacturers. Interest on these bonds is generally exempt from federal income taxes for investors, which usually result in lower long-term interest rates to the borrower.

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    Capital Access Program (CAP)

    A small business credit enhancement program that creates a specific cash reserve fund for the lender to use as additional collateral for loans enrolled that might not meet conventional lending requirements.